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Mayor Justin Lester's speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Holocaust Centre has done an important job of educating the general public and future generations

Focussing this year on the Nuremberg Trials, and how the most trusted in Germany committed such heinous crimes against humanity and human rights.

One of our most important tasks is to honour and remember the lives lost and to ensure that we are doing everything we can to make sure nothing like this happens again and that we are advancing the causes of peace, justice and human rights around the world.

WCC has always been a proud partner of The Holocaust Centre

It is an honour to support the Holocaust Centre each year with a grant to commemorate the annual UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Holocaust Centre ensures that future generations are educated on the hate, discrimination and intolerance in a way that they understand.

In a world today that seems darker, with hate and intolerance on the rise, it’s easy to fear that we are forgetting the hard won lessons of history. With anti-immigrant sentiment, anti-Semitism, the spectre of fascism and authoritarianism on the rise in Europe and other parts of the world, we need to remember the lessons of the Holocaust now more than ever.

We need to remember that politics that seeks to turn people against each other, that seeks to dehumanise people, that asks us to turn our backs on our fellow human beings because they are different, that makes us afraid of “the other” – that kind of politics, that kind of rhetoric, has horrible consequences.

And the lesson of Nuremburg, the lasting lesson we must never forget is that it isn’t enough to say we were just following orders, or that we we’re just trying to look the other way.

All of us have a moral responsibility to be brave and to stand up to hate, to intolerance, to injustice. To assert our common humanity, to fight for compassion, and tolerance and justice. We all have a role to play. We all have a responsibility.

Today is an opportunity to remember, to learn and to ensure that the crimes of the holocaust never happen again.

It’s an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to our best ideals, to commit ourselves to doing more to help those in need, to do more to include those who are left behind, to reject hatred and to strive for a better world together.

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