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Amos Hausner

LEGACY: Father, Son & Nation - Reflections on the Eichmann Trial

Public Talk, 27 March 2015

Amos Hausner was eleven when the Eichmann trial gripped Israel, the Jewish world and beyond. Old enough for such an event to leave an indelible mark and even more so when your father is the Attorney General and prosecutor, and key witnesses break their silence and descend upon your family home to tell their stories.

The Eichmann trial exposed genocide on a large scale. It shocked the world with the precision and the brutality and gave faces and voice to the sufferings of ordinary people. Legally it highlighted universal jurisdiction and was pivotal in the creation of the International Criminal Court. There were also legal issues of impartiality, the argument of "following orders" and the defence of  an "Act of State".

Amos Hausner followed his father into the law and carved a successful legal career in his own right creating precedents inconstitutional, criminal, civil and administrative law.

He continues to take the messages of the Eichmann trial around the world.

Amos Hausner is a former Supreme Court Judge and Attorney General of the World Zionist Organisation, Current Board Member of the Massuah Institute for the study of the Holocaust and former member on Jerusalem's Hebrew University Disciplinary Tribunal.

Stream the recording of his talk in Wellington on 27th March 2015:

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